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We love them and work with them.


Loren Dayle


“Only you can save you.” It’s not an uncommon belief amongst those who are forced into self-reliance at an early age, so it’s of little surprise to hear that quote make an appearance in one of Loren Dayle’s rhymes. 

Elsiane music



Active since the year 2000 Elsiane carries different influences and styles, swaying between a sensible pop and orchestral trip-hop.

Daara J Family Canada

Daara J Family


A Senegalese rap duet that consists of N’Dongo D and Faada Freddy. Their music takes influence from hip hop, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and reggae and is performed in English, French, Spanish, and Wolof.

Carine au micro

Carine Au Micro

Afro Pop Soul/World Music

Artiste sans frontières, Carine Au Micro a commencé sa carrière musicale en 1998 au Bénin. Basée aujourd’hui à Montréal, Carine vient de sortir son tout 1er EP: “O La Si”.


Diogo Ramos


Auteur-compositeur-interprète, Diogo Ramos offre un répertoire unique à travers ses compositions et ses arrangements où la musique québécoise est intégrée au vaste bagage culturel brésilien de l’artiste.

Electric Ducks

Electric Ducks


Originally starting out as an AC/DC tribute band, it’s taken the Ducks three albums and a line-up change to shake off, pretty much, the final vestiges of their former modus operandi.